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Jerischke Vineyard

Near the village of Jerischke, on top of the Bahren Basin deposit (the interior of Muskau Arch), lies the filled-in Jerischke end moraine, from the late Saale glacial period. It is located west of the Neisse River, forming an arc that opens to the N/NE. It towers over its surroundings by about 20 m and has an approx. 1 km wide moraine gate near Jerischke, where the meltwaters of the glacier broke through the end moraine. An extensive, thin outwash plain was then deposited in its southern foreland. The vineyard forms the northern edge of the gate, while the southern edge is formed by a Lissberg hill.
The Jerischke end moraine is considered to represent the retreat of the Warthe Stage, and indicator-stone analyses show that the typical boulders of this period originate from Gotland and the Åland Islands, in the Baltic Sea.

The end moraine at Jerischke, with an 18% slope to the south and many hours of sunshine, offers ideal conditions for the vineyard, which has existed since 2009 and extends over 4 hectares. The Jerischke end moraine is forested throughout, and, apart from the vineyard, it is difficult to recognize it in the terrain. The vineyard is the only place where the forest has been cleared, for the cultivation of wine, and the ridge of the end moraine is clearly visible due to the sparse vegetation of the grapevines.
A nature trail leads to the vineyard from the Muskau Arch Geopark Information center at the Jerischke “Schullandheim” (school hostel). There is an information panel about the trail at the school hostel.

Geologische Strukturkarte des Muskauer Faltenbogens